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St. Louis Criminal Lawyers

The Zolman Law Firm is a team of criminal attorneys in St. Louis who concentrate on providing legal defense to all types of offenders. Maybe you have been pulled over for a DWI. Perhaps you made a mistake in judgment and have been arrested for a white-collar crime. You could be involved in an emotional divorce and find yourself charged with domestic abuse. You might be a parent who doesn't know juvenile law but wants to help your child who has been arrested and faces the possibility of serving time in jail; or, a parent that doesn’t want to see their child miss out on the college of their choice or the perfect future job based on a criminal history.

It is critical for you to have a St. Louis criminal attorney experienced in criminal law to protect your rights or the rights of your child. At the Zolman Law Firm, we know that all these protections mean nothing if you don't know your rights and exercise them. We can help you avoid a permanent record, keep your job, maintain your family stability and keep the fines at the lowest end possible — and move on with your life.

We defend regular people facing criminal charges.

-C. Zolman

Criminal Cases

We are a small firm with two offices and we can respond to your legal needs promptly. Our rates are reasonable because our overhead is low. Our criminal lawyers are well respected in the legal community as aggressive, thorough and responsive lawyers dedicated to doing what’s right for our clients.

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DWI & DUI Cases

We defend regular people facing criminal charges. If you’ve been arrested for DWI/DUI, chances are you are feeling scared and worried about your future. Will you have to go to jail? Will you lose your driver’s license? Will you have to pay fines? Your questions deserve answers. We can help you.

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Traffic Law

The quirky and frustrating thing about our traffic laws is that each small town and municipality in St. Louis has different traffic ticket laws and standards for catching people in the act of moving violations.
Sometimes you don’t even know the speed limit has changed until it is too late.

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How Could This Have Happened? The Shock of an Arrest

Getting arrested may be the worst moment of your life. Hearing about a loved one's arrest can be almost as bad. Except, it doesn't end there. It is humiliating. It costs money and it may even cost you your job or your family.

Everyone makes mistakes - including police. We help you rectify them.

Everyone uses poor judgment on occasion. It need not ruin your life or that of your loved one. No matter what criminal charges you are facing, you need qualified and competent criminal lawyers in St. Louis on your side:
  • Traffic violations
  • MIP
  • Drug offenses
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft and bad checks
  • Domestic violence
  • Weapons charges
  • Other criminal offenses
The St. Louis criminal lawyers at the Zolman Law Firm focus on criminal defense, in the St. Louis area. We also represent minors facing charges for juvenile crimes, such as drug possession or underage drinking, MIP. We also effectively defend clients facing more serious charges, such as felony DWI, non-payment of child support, passing bad checks, shoplifting, drug possession and numerous other charges. Getting arrested, especially for the first time, need not cost you your freedom or your self-respect. Contact the Zolman Law Firm at 314-846-6633 and talk to a criminal attorney in St. Louis, for experienced criminal defense and professional treatment.

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